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Dominique Mailloux, CPA

Be-ing Associate Member

Talent Connector, Accounting Process and Management

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My story

Create successful and winning teams at the heart of your company


My passion to contribute to the success of companies is constantly growing thanks to my personal evolution and my quest to always want to progress. This allowed me to develop a deep connection with customers in order to better understand their needs in order to better help them. This sincere attachment to entrepreneurs leads me to fully commit myself to the heart of the company in order to activate the changes required to achieve its objectives. The "connector" in me allows me to offer a unique expertise, combining the construction of bridges connecting the whole company to its community, the realization of its dreams and innovation.

Connect humanly with people

By using all of my skills and expertise, I support you by contributing to the achievement of your objectives. I am actively involved in change and in some cases take on interim leadership roles. I am able to assist you in recruitment needs, team management, accounting system including international accounting, negotiation and human resources needs. I use my skills and the Be-ing network to solve situations that can be complex while respecting your financial reality.

Talent Connector, Accounting Process and Management

Recruitment, international accounting including the creation of subsidiaries, financial information, budget process, financial forecasts, cash flow, KPIs, ERP systems, implementation, optimization, team management, supervision, support for "start-ups" to become public, governance and ethics, negotiation, efficient use of company assets. Efficient and responsive financial operations, policies and procedures.

My experiences:

Inspired, passionate professional, committed to making a difference at the heart of the company. I have held various stimulating positions, whether as Director of Recruitment at Robert Half Finance & Accounting (2013-2019), Head of Professional Practice at the Ordre des CPA du Québec (2012-2013), consultant and coach professional, Controller at Gaz Métro Plus (2007-2009), Assistant Director in Assurance, Deloitte (1992-1998). Experience in the technology sector for public companies and start-ups including support for a public offering and creation of international subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, California (1998-2004).

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